Bible Basics Study

Teaching and Discipleship training through the word of Elohim.

This Is Not Pike’s Peak!

Anyone ever give you directions to get somewhere, but when you arrive you find it is in the opposite direction? Sometimes, we turn too soon, and end up in some place and wonder how to get where you need to be.

This happens to many people as they try to read or study the Bible. They start out excited for the journey, then they take detours along the way because they did not take the directions in context, and only got part of the directions or story. They might stop to ask directions along the way, but the instructions given to them take them along a route of, “When you get to the red barn, turn left;” however there are three red barns next to each other with three roads on their left, with each road heading toward a different direction.

We all need a traveling companion who can help decipher the directions. Here, at Kingdom Warriors of YAHWEH, An Assembly of YAHWEH, we believe if we can study together, going over the same scriptures, and getting them in context, then we can reach our destination of understanding.

We invite you to tune in to any Back to Bible Basics Conference Call on Monday, Tuesday, and or Thursday nights, starting at 7:00 PM EST by calling 1 (339) 207-7531, no code is required. You can also join us, in person, during one or each night at one of our in-home studies, or come to a Shabbat (Sabbath) service as we also have Torah Portion studies. 

Be sure to bring your Bible, it does not matter what version it is, and your questions, so we can seek the answers in the scriptures. Bring the children also, so they can sit at the table and learn with you. You can also email your questions by using this Contact Form, and someone will help you find the answer, together.

Although the road may seem hard, with many obstacles in the way. Our goal is to build and strengthen our belief and faith in the Yahshua HaMashiach, so that through Him, we may be reconciled to the Father. 

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